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Ajaya is currently teaching classes at her studio in Port Angeles. For more info on her class schedule, see her Classes Page.

Wine On The Waterfront

Starting in January of 2013, Shual Azhar's performances will be on the first Friday of each month, unless otherwise noted. (The December 2012 show will be on Saturday the 1st.) No two performances are the same, so come out each month and enjoy the unique styles and talents of the Shula Azhar ladies!
"You ladies Rak! The solo dances were superb, not that I'm qualified to judge; the thing that captivates my attention is the control and coordination and passion that I see when every motion translates to the music and I can see the effort of making muscles obey fluidly despite the obvious difficulty. I can't chew gum and tie my shoes at the same time. You ladies are talented and beautiful to see in motion!"
-- Scott P., Spokane
Florence, Oregon post-show report:

"And the gals of Shula Azhar: WOW those girls rocked my SOCKS! Po and I decided we're in love. This is a group of dancers from Port Angeles, Washington--all very talented Egyptian style soloists, and then they are so tight as a group, they are like sisters!
They did a really cute Indian-inflenced group dance (like Belly Dance Superstars, but BETTER, and I'm not kidding!) and then they did a super-sassy Egyptian style troupe drum solo at the end. Ye gads they were cute. And they are all shoulder-height on me, so that makes them even cuter. Go see them, if you get a chance. "
-- Sabine, Oregon
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